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Sunday, 5 April – Service Content

As usual, we started off this virtual service with our now traditional Zoom call. Here’s a quick video for parents to watch as preparation for teaching the younger members of our church this morning: And here’s an introduction video for the kids: You can download the printable worksheets here: We have also compiled a slideshow and some additional content that you can go through a well. It also includes links further videos to watch as you go, including teaching and…

Read the Psalms in April

Here are two resources to help you as you read through the Psalms during the month of April: Why We Need the Psalms Psalms in 30 Days – A prayer guide as you read

Sunday, 29 March – Service Content

Sunday, 29 March was our second virtual service. Following the group video call together where we joined in proclaiming what we believe and prayed together, we all went off to learn from God’s Word together within our families. In case you missed it or would like to go over it again, here is the content from our “service”. There are a few items and activities here that you can use for teaching at home – please make use of whichever…

Get Ready for Sunday 29 March

This week at Southern Cross we will be sharing stories from some of the Essential Service workers in our church, hearing plans for how we will be caring for our most vulnerable, and coming together for corporate online worship and fellowship. And here are some notes from Jeanine for parents, following on from the printables we published earlier in the week:

Sunday School Printables for Lockdown

We know that we are all preparing for lockdown so we thought we would make available to you the printable worksheets for kids’ church for the next few weeks, in case some of you would like to print these off at work or at a friend if you don’t have access to a printer. We will be sending out the Sunday school ‘package’ later this week so that you, as a parent, can get yourself sorted and organised for Sunday…