Prayer and the Christian life

Prayer and the Christian life


We recently had a week of prayer at Southern Cross, here are some thoughts and reflections on prayer from that week.

We all want to pray more than we do, but sometimes we just really don’t know how. On top of this, we get overwhelmed when we think of carving out hours of our day to be on our knees. I have tried to make my life more prayerful by incorporating prayer into my daily routine, and so I pray in my car, I pray when I exercise, I pray in staff meetings, I pray in the line at the grocery store, I try to just pray all the time. The key to this is to remember that prayer doesn’t need to be an attempt to impress anyone with cleverness or big Christian words, but rather, it should be a conversation with your dad. So here are a few helpful suggestions on how to pray.


  1. Why we pray

God is a God who communicates. He normally communicates to us through scripture and we communicate to him through prayer. Some of you may ask, “Do I have to pray?” You don’t have to pray, but you get to pray. God actually wants to talk to you. He wants to have a relationship with you. What do they say is the key to marriage? Communication. You reveal yourself to me; I reveal myself to you and we grow in our love and intimacy with each other. It’s like that in our relationship with God too.


  1. Prayer is a conversation

Jesus taught us that we should view Go as our Father. He used the Aramaic word Abba, which is a term of endearment for God, an intimate way of calling on a father similar to our modern “daddy.” This should encourage us to speak to God in the same way that we speak to our earthly fathers. We give them the respect that is bestowed upon them, but with joy and happiness we go to them; as a young child goes to his daddy; using everyday language and not big Christian words.

  1. Pray through scripture

Prayer comes out of scripture. If you struggle with prayer, pray through scripture. Meditate over scripture and memorize scripture. For example, if you read in the bible that “God loved the world that he gave his only son to die for us,” you could thank God for his love even though we don’t deserve it and also pray that we could show the same kind of love to our families and also our brothers and sisters in Christ.


The point of scripture is not just to be information for us, but also to prompt the transformation of our lives. The most important thing you can do to improve your prayer life is not to just to read more books on prayer, but read and study scripture.


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