Read the Bible in 12 Months Challenge

Read the Bible in 12 Months Challenge

Read the Bible in 12 Months Challenge Starts 1 March 2014

At Southern Cross we are extending a challenge to the whole Church to read through the whole Bible in 12 Months. The start date for the challenge is 1 March. In order to firm your resolve share that you have signed up for the challenge with your Community Group and ask them to hold you accountable by asking you regularly how you are doing.

It takes about three minutes to read a chapter from the bible. If you set aside 15 minutes a day to read you should comfortably be able to get through four chapters. Think about what you could cut out of your life or give up to make those 15 minutes a day a reality.

Below are three reading options that you can follow that will get you through the Bible in one year.

 1. The Chronological Option

This plan will take you through the bible as it was written historically.

Download here

2. The Murray Mccheyne Option

This plan will vary your diet as you read four chapters from 4 different parts of the Bible  each day.

Download here 

3. The Read 4 Chapters a Day pick and tick option.

For those of you who are list oriented you can print this off and tick each chapter as you read it.

Download here…


For more ideas and plans follow this link…


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