Sunday Leftovers 07.07.2013

Sunday Leftovers 07.07.2013

Des Inglesby is currently preaching through Jude at Southern Cross. This Past Sunday he made reference to an article by Peter Jensen. Below is the article and a link where you can find the original post. Enjoy!

Archbishop says ‘don’t retreat’

Archbishop Peter Jensen, in one of his final addresses, has urged Christians to engage in public discussion and “not to be put off by those who say we should stop trying to impose our values on others”.

Dr Jensen addressed a forum on ‘Christian Voices in the Public Square: How should Christians speak on public issues?’ held at St Barnabas, Broadway and sponsored by Moore College’s Centre for Christian Living,

“I would say that we have not done this enough’ Dr Jensen says. “We became lazy and complacent and thought that it was impossible that the basic ideology of our culture would be threatened. We accepted the pietistic privatization model and retreated”.

Dr Jensen believes there is a biblical imperative for speaking. “The Bible delivers an particular way of thinking about human beings, an anthropology. We believe that it is true, life-giving and universal. We belong to Christ and teach the Biblical revelation to all” the Archbishop says. “We have his mandate to speak whatever the society, the state or the human structures. This arises from love of God and love of neighbour”.

Dr Jensen says Anglicans, and Christians generally, should engage by using the resources of the Biblical revelation, having a coherent view of what it is to be human and seeking to demonstrate that the Biblical revelation actually makes sense of human life and experience.

“We must not be afraid to do so and we must not be silenced by any false ideology which removes our right to do so. We have to trust that God’s way for human well-being and flourishing as revealed in law and gospel, is best” the Archbishop says.


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